Social Interaction

Social anxiety is common with a lot of people, probably more than you think and we don’t need stats to tell us this. Having social anxiety is very stressful, and not a lot of people understand it, not a lot of people understand that they have the symptoms of it. From a personal experience having anxiety myself, there are a lot of things that I simply cannot do or struggle with on a day to day basis which stops me from enjoying a lot of things such as seeing friends, not responding to messages, calls etc.

I like to think of myself as someone who is outgoing, but I’m limited as to what I’ll be able to do that day because everyday is different, a lot like depression. When forced into social situations I go into full break down mode, maybe I don’t have the time to prepare myself for it. Tasks such as phone calls, seeing people face to face even if I know the person or are used to them still boggles my anxiety, heck even seeing my own mother is difficult but she understands how I feel, maybe today is just not the day for me to socialise.

I get a lot of days like that, with suffering from insomnia and depression along with the anxiety, everyday is very difficult. I could have a week full of social plans but if I wake up feeling down or full of anxiety I simply cannot go through with it – to my disappointment. Fortunately I do know a lot of people who suffer with similar conditions who can help me through it and help them too. Speaking of which, my closest friend Robert (also @dyspraxicfantastic) will be joining in on this blog post to give his views on social interaction as well. But to continue..

Hello followers of Kingdailyblogs! I’m really glad to be a part of Alex’s latest post, all about Social Interaction. and am looking forward the questions he’s posed for us.

How to deal with social interaction? Good question, me.

I suppose everyone has a different way of dealing with anxiety, have different methods which work for them but not for everyone, you know in your mind what works for you. Personally, I try to take little steps at a time, not to push myself too much because when overloaded, I just crumble. Listening to music calms me down, playing games, watching funny YouTube videos. Those are things I enjoy but also help me manage my anxieties.

My advice on dealing with your social anxieties, take your time, little steps towards your goals and daily routines is better than taking larger steps and putting yourself in jeopardy and making it worse for yourself. If you do take medication, make sure to keep taking them as it’s important, if you’re seeking help, contact your doctor and tell them how you feel and let them describe what the medication does to you. Being handed pills that you’ve never taken before can be very alarming, you may feel a bit different after a week or two but not everyone agrees with medication.


I have what is best described as a ‘social battery’, which means that in a social situation the charge drains away. As an introvert I recharge in the expected way; being in my own space for a while. There are many powerful tactics I employ to give my batteries the charge they require such as listening to music (anything from classical to heavy metal), watching an engrossing TV series. having a spell on a game or just stick my head into a book.

Anxiety is extremely gifted at draining my battery at a faster rate. The lower my battery gets, the harder it is for me to deal with being in the company of people. With a low battery comes high anxiety. The high anxiety rattles me and drains my battery even, so in short I am now stuck in a spiral. Having the support of good friends steady this capillary action of stress even long enough for me to get through the whole social event. One of the best tactics is for me to remove myself from the situation/room for a few minutes to get grounded and then return slightly refreshed.

Removing problems and negativity to help ease your anxiety

Being around people who dampen or hurt you is probably effecting your anxiety issues, to be more positive and motivated you need to remove that. Unfortunately this comes from first hand experience, but I have seen progress from ending relationships and friendships and have become stronger and less stressed – don’t let people hold you back, especially if they aren’t willing to help you.

Anxiety can affect finding work, if you feel in your current job that it’s making you lose focus and harming you mentally then you need to let go. Albeit difficult but you need to think about yourself more, whether if it’s at a cost. Maybe your current living standards affect you in ways that you never thought before, I live with people and believe me, it is very stressful on my mind.


Alex hits the nail square on the head with his answer. Like many people, I’ve had first-hand experience with being around people who are toxic. Finding is a tricky business as it means those people changing their ways. In the end there have been times where cutting the people that bring you down out of your life is the only solution.

For me it’s all about empowerment. Recharging my social battery is one such form, as it’s doing the things that make me happy, while at the same giving me confidence to do things. I find out empowering tactics too, like writing for my blog as a prime example!

Great views from Rob, we hope you enjoyed reading this blog on social interaction and take the points we’ve made into your own life! Hope we can help. Stay tuned for some more blogs from myself and @dyspraxicfantastic which you can find on Facebook and wordpress if you’d like to check it out!

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